Why You Should Always Leave Dent Repair to a Professional

23 January 2018
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If your car has any type of dent, scratch, or other such damage, you might assume that you can handle this repair on your own, and there are many dent repair kits and other items you can buy that promise to make quick work of this job. However, there are also many reasons why it's good to leave dent repairs to a professional repairperson, even if you think you're somewhat skilled in managing car repair jobs like this yourself. Note why you might take your car to a smash shop or garage when it's been dented or dinged, and why you might not want to assume even a small repair is a DIY job.

Matching the paint

Auto supply stores will have paint that is supposedly a perfect match for your vehicle, but note that the paint on your car's body may have faded somewhat over the years, or changed colour due to exposure to pollution, harsh chemicals, and the like. In turn, you may use the same type of paint to cover a scratch that was used when the car was manufactured, but it may still stand out and look quite different. A body or smash shop will be able to use computer matching for the paint on your car, so that he or she can then adjust the paints that are available and match that colour exactly.

Dent location

The location of a dent can actually affect the overall safety of your car. Side panels are meant to absorb the impact of a crash and disperse that impact along the length of the car itself, so that you and your passengers are protected from whiplash and other injuries. A dent in the frame of the windscreen can also mean less strength for the roof of the vehicle, which might then collapse in a rollover accident. To ensure these types of dents are repaired properly so the safety of the vehicle is not in question, always have a professional repair these for you.


If the dent on your vehicle is not properly filled, this could mean exposing the metal of the car's framework to air and humidity. This often leads to early rust, and this rust can quickly spread along the car's frame, leading to damage to many of its parts. A professional will know how to thoroughly inspect any dent, scratch, or ding and note if it needs filler, and will know how to properly fill such damage so that the metal of the car is protected.