Top Things You Should Know About Having Spray Painting Done When Your Car Needs to Be Painted

25 October 2022
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If you would like for your car to look shiny and nice again, you could be thinking about doing something about your vehicle's faded paint job. Alternatively, you might know that your car needs to be painted because you might have had to have dent repair or other body work done to it. Either way, you might want to know a little more about having spray painting done on your car when it needs to be painted. Read More 

Why Sell a Written-Off Car to a Cash For Cars Buyer?

10 June 2022
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If your car has been classified as a write-off, then you might not be sure what to do with it. Some written-off cars can be repaired, passed fit for use and reregistered. However, if you don't want to use the vehicle any longer, then you might want to sell it instead. While you can sometimes get written-off cars back into a legally acceptable condition to sell to dealers or private buyers, this isn't always the best route to take. Read More 

Benefits of Choosing a Smash Repair Shop Over an Insurer-Preferred Provider

31 January 2022
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Regardless of how careful you drive, accidents can still catch up with you because of issues beyond your control. For instance, reckless motorists, bad weather and careless pedestrians are common causes of car accidents. Therefore, every car owner should seek the best possible smash repair services when involved in an accident. However, your insurance company can have significant sway in the type of smash repair services you choose. It is the reason choosing a car insurer offering a " Read More