Feeling Like a Wreck After a Car Crash? Here's How to Make Your Car Body Restoration Experience Smooth and Easy!

12 February 2018
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There's no doubt that a car crash is one of the most stressful experiences you can have. Even if you've been fortunate enough to escape the crash unharmed, your car might not have had the same luck. Whilst you probably know that there are plenty of car body restoration shops ready to help, you may feel a bit hesitant if you've never had this type of major car body work done before. You can feel more confident about your car's care if you ask the potential body shops a few key questions. Here's what to know -- and what to ask about.

Consider Small Versus Large Car Body Restoration Providers

The first thing that you might want to do is to narrow your pool of potential car body restoration providers down. Your auto insurance company can provide recommendations if you like. The insurance company recommendations are typically larger car body restoration providers who have a history of working with the insurance company.

You can also opt for a smaller local car body restoration provider that you choose yourself. No matter which you choose, make sure that you've checked their reviews and references -- something that's fortunately fast and easy in the Internet age.

Think About The Time

The timing is one of the most important things for many people who are having car body restoration work done. Whilst your car's being worked on, you'll be without transportation -- which means you're probably in a rush to have it all fixed as soon as possible. However, not all car body restoration providers can offer a timely restoration. When you speak to each potential restoration shop, ask them what their usual turnaround time is and make sure that it's something you can live with.

Additionally, you should ask if they make any type of guarantee about returning your car at the promised time. If they do offer a guarantee for timely work, ask them whether there are any type of cost concessions made if they break that agreement. 

Examine the Question of Extras

When you leave your car in the body shop, you expect only the agreed upon work to be performed. However, whilst the car body restoration experts are at work, they may discover that the car needs more work than originally thought. If this happens, it's very important that your car body restoration providers agree to call you straight away rather than going ahead with the extra work. If they were to perform extra unauthorised repairs, it could end up costing you a great deal of money that you don't have. Even if the extra work is deemed essential, it's still imperative that the auto body shop tells you about it so you can plan for the added cost. 

Ready to get the repair you need? Call your local car body restoration providers with the list above to get the answers you need!