Top Tips for Accelerating the Panel-Beating Process on your Car

28 May 2019
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If you are involved in a car accident, then you may require panel beating services to bring your vehicle back to its glory days. However, the longer your car stays at the auto shop for panel beating, the longer you have to beg for rides or spend more on rentals and taxis. No one wants to find themselves in such a situation because it is both frustrating and expensive. While some delays are unavoidable when you take your car for panel beating, there are steps you can take to get your vehicle back quicker from the panel beater. 

Pay Out of Pocket — According to most motorists, dealing with insurance companies is arguably the number one cause of lengthy delays for cars that require panel beating services. It can be attributed to the complicated paperwork and extensive investigations that are considered standard procedures. Although these procedures are necessary, your car can end up staying at the panel beater's auto shop for extended periods. The best approach, therefore, is to look at the extent of damage, ask the panel beater for a quotation and decide the best payment method. For instance, if you hit a street light post, the extent of damage will be minimal; therefore, it is best to pay out of pocket. This will eliminate the bureaucratic procedures of insurance claims and ensure that the panel beater completes the repair job fast. 

Furnish Panel Beater with Insurance Details — If third parties are involved in an accident, then you have to deal with your insurance company. Thus, you will be required to fill in insurance forms, get quotations for different panel beaters and provide proof of claims, among other things. The entire process can be time-consuming and significantly delay the panel-beating process. The best approach is to let the panel beater do all this work on your behalf. The reason is that professional and reputable panel beaters deal with insurance companies every day. As such, they understand the process much better, and this helps to eliminate unnecessary delays. Consequently, you will get your car back in no time. 

Familiarity with Car Model — Just because your neighbour's salon car took less than two weeks at the panel beater's shop doesn't mean that your car will spend the same amount of time or shorter. The amount of time taken during a panel beating process depends on the type and model of your car. As such, a one-size-fits-all time range doesn't exist when referring to panel beating services. Therefore, it is best to use a panel beater who is familiar with your car model because they will spend less time on it; otherwise, if a panel beater does not know what lies underneath the damaged body, then the process will take longer.

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