The Truth about Windscreen Repairs you should Know

11 December 2020
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Windscreen damage is quite common, and depending on the extent of the damage, you may be able to get away with windscreen repairs, instead of having to replace the windscreen. This is, of course, an assessment that should be left to a trained and experienced technician.

For a very long time, there have been some misconceptions and untruths around windscreen repairs, and here is a highlight of what is factual, and what is myth.

Minor Damage Shouldn't Wait

All types of windscreen repairs should be attended to as soon as possible, regardless of the extent of the damage. It's very unsafe to drive around with a crack or chip on your windscreen, however small it may be, delays in getting the repair work done may only end with the damage getting worse over time.  

These seemingly small cracks reduce your windscreen's ability to absorb shock. As the windscreen expands and contracts according to the weather, and vibrates from hitting speed bumps, the chips will tend to spread. Keep putting off the windscreen repairs, and you may end up spending much more on a full replacement.

Windscreen Repairs Don't Take Too Long

You need not worry about your car staying out of use for the whole day. Windscreen repairs do, indeed require special care and attention, but if you hire an expert repair technician, you can rest assured of timely service delivery.

How much time the technician will take will, of course, depend on factors such as the extent of the damage, and by extension, the amount of work involved. The good news is that there are technicians who provide mobile windscreen repairs, coming to right where you are for your convenience.

Repairs will not Raise your Insurance Premiums

That windscreen repairs will lead to your insurer raising how much you have to pay in insurance premiums is a common myth with no truth to it. There is yet to be an insurance company, even the one, who will use this as a reason to raise the premiums. As it is, getting your windshield fixed will only help to improve your safety while out on the road. You, therefore, have no reason to hesitate to make your claim if your policy covers the repairs.

Windscreen repairs is a more cost-effective alternative to a full replacement, and best for small chips and cracks. As outlined, you need not worry about the repairs taking too long, or them affecting your premiums. As soon as possible, is the way to go with these a windscreen repair.