Common Misconceptions Surrounding Automotive Spray Painting Using Aerosol Cans

24 May 2021
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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you are involved in a paint-scratching, minor fender bender? In such cases, most motorists only think of a trip to an auto shop for professional paintwork. It stems from myths and misconceptions regarding the ability of aerosol-based spray paints to produce quality paintwork, especially for minor scratches. If you familiarise yourself with such myths, the chances are high that you will appreciate aerosol-based auto spray paintwork.

Narrow Range of Colours -- When patching a scratch on your car, you definitely want to spray paint it with the exact colour. However, most motorists believe that automotive spray paint cans do not come in a wide variety of colours. Nothing could be further from the truth, because auto body stores and car dealerships stock an extensive range of spray paint colours. In fact, you would be surprised to find unique colours, such as mattes, in some stores. Therefore, do not just visit your local auto body store and claim that you cannot find an automotive spray paint can that matches your vehicle's colour code. Take your time to scour the internet and reputable stores to find spray paint cans in specific shades.

Using Spray Cans is a Challenge -- If you have used spray cans on other projects and had disappointing results, the last place you want to use them is on your car. Most people think that they can hold a spray paint aerosol anyhow and start painting over a scratched car. However, it doesn't work that way, which is why most motorists end up with a poor, patchy, and unsightly finish. Notably, using automotive spray paint cans is not difficult if you take your time to learn and practice. For example, some people start using a spray can without shaking it and wonder why they end up with a very thin coat. Shaking a can ensures that you spray a scratched area with paint and not just the propellant. Learning critical, yet straightforward tips makes spray painting a breeze.

Surface Preparation is Cumbersome -- If you have ever witnessed the amount of work that goes into surface preparation before spray painting, you will probably avoid doing the job yourself. However, it should not discourage you from using spray paint cans to repair minor scratches on your car. Surface preparation for automotive spray paint cans only requires a cloth, a mild soap, water, a degreaser, and sandpaper. First, clean a scratched spot with soap and water, then dry it. After that, apply a degreaser, then follow it up with gentle sanding. Once the edges are smooth, you can start spray painting. For minor scratches, surface preparation can take a few minutes with a bit of hard work.

For more information about auto body spray painting, contact an auto body paint shop near you.