Benefits of Choosing a Smash Repair Shop Over an Insurer-Preferred Provider

31 January 2022
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Regardless of how careful you drive, accidents can still catch up with you because of issues beyond your control. For instance, reckless motorists, bad weather and careless pedestrians are common causes of car accidents. Therefore, every car owner should seek the best possible smash repair services when involved in an accident. However, your insurance company can have significant sway in the type of smash repair services you choose. It is the reason choosing a car insurer offering a "choice of smash repairer" option is highly recommended. This article highlights the reasons.

Flexibility to Choose Smash Repairer — Most car owners have car repair services they can rely on. In most cases, smash repairers and car owners cultivate a relationship based on trust, which is crucial for quality service delivery. However, you risk losing the flexibility to work with a trusted smash repairer if your insurance company does not offer the option. Notably, some insurance companies often want to deal with smash repairers whose track record can be regularly reviewed. However, while it might work to an insurer's advantage — at least as far as cost goes — it does not favour customers' personal needs.

Choice of Accident Replacement Vehicle — Sending your vehicle to a smash repairer can affect your transportation needs. Thus, you might have to rely on public transport or carpool with friends, which might inconvenience your schedule. Notably, some smash repairers provide replacement vehicles to facilitate clients' movement. If an insurer sends your vehicle to their preferred smash repairer, you might have to settle for whichever replacement car they offer. That can be inconvenient, especially if you are specific with the type of vehicle you drive to work. Conversely, an insurer that allows you to choose a smash repair shop gives you a chance to select a preferred replacement vehicle.

Single Point of Contact — Exchange of information between smash repair services and car owners should be as detailed as possible to ensure quality work within a reasonable time. However, it is not possible if there is an intermediary in the relationship. Unfortunately, a communication breakdown might happen with an insurer-preferred smash repairer since an insurance company is an intermediary. For instance, all communication to a panel beater is done through an insurer, complicating matters. For example, an insurer might not communicate the urgency with which you need your car back to a service provider, interfering with your plans. However, with a smash repairer of your choice, you establish a single point of contact, making communication effective.